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When to use Hyperledger Besu?

Hyperledger Besu is the Ethereum client that unchain uses for its permissioned Ethereum network offering. It is designed to be enterprise-friendly for both the public Ethereum network as well as permissioned network use cases. Hyperledger Besu includes several consensus algorithms, which  allow for private and confidential transactions to be made between participants in the network 

Intended Purpose 

To create a blockchain based business network between organisations in which businesses can confidentially transact.  Next to that, permissioned networks can be setup to not use gas for transactions. If the following applies to you, it's likely that Hyperledger Besu is the right choice:

- You are working with an industry consortium

- Organisations participating in the network would like to keep their transactions private and confidential, and have a need to not leak sensitive information to the public or competition

- It is not desirable to burden participants with transaction fees in the consortium model.

Use Case Example 

A car manufacturing- and distribution supply chain with  companies that can participate in the network. Network participants would like for their transactions to remain private, shielded off from other network participants. This is especially important in industry networks where you might be part of the same network as your competitors. Hence, the main reason for permissioned networks is to ensure that business sensitive information does not get into the public domain. 

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