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What about security?

Are conscious about security? You should be! And so are we!

Our system is designed in such a way that the secure credentials you entrust to our system are being kept as secure as possible. 

For our SaaS offering we apply industries best practices, security features include:

  • Encrypted (TLS) connections on all public internet traffic (including between you and our systems)
  • Storage encrypted at rest
  • Variables marked as secret will never be returned to users on the User Interface
  • All pipelines run in a Kubernetes cluster with the highest security restrictions in place, the cluster is not shared with any of our applications.

Extra security for customers running on AWS

For customers who are running on AWS and are interested in extra network security, we can offer AWS PrivateLink, which makes sure that between your VPC and our service traffic never leaves AWS network.

Run it in your own on premise or private cloud environment

Because we know our customers are security minded we have designed from the very start, the possibility to run our pipelines in your own environment. In this configuration you will be able to still compose the pipelines through our user-friendly dashboard, but then run the actual pipeline completely in your own control. Benefits for you include that your private keys never need to leave your premise, and we have no way of accessing them. 

This feature is only available in our enterprise plan, please contact us for more information.

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